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The Habits of Highly Effective CEOs

So what makes someone more successful than any other.. according to CEO World, these top 10 traits are the key!

1) They wake up early .. really early (between 4am & 5am).

2) They drink a bottle of water as soon as they wake.

3) They exercise to reduce stress & stay sharp.

4) They work on key priorities first thing in the morning when their body is rested.

5) They read the news to stay informed and have information on hand to motivate and teach.

6) They organise themselves set intention to be ahead of the game every day.

7) They arrange early meetings when people are most creative.

8) They meditate to release stress and free the mind.

9) Understand and know their limits and ask for help – success is a team sport!

10) They embrace chaos and failure in order to learn.

11) They invest in family and personal time – self care is sacred.

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